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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 5, 2014 6:00am-6:55am EST

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>> in virginia, loudoun county schools are closed. fairfax, stafford, spotsylvania, and rappahannock schools will open two hours late. frederick, fauquier, clark county schools closed, so are schools in winchester. >> in west virginia, berkeley, hampshire, jefferson, and morgan county schools are closed. grant, hardy, and mineral county schools will open two hours late. we have a complete list at the bottom of the screen and on storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the system as sweeps across our area. tom, where's it moving now? >> right now, it's continuing to move off to the north and east. we got another wave of some freezing rain about to move in. but it's mch light aep's much l. we got .1 inch of on tree limbs, power lines, sidewalks. maybe your driveway and front steps. farther north and west, up to a quarter inch, even more than that. storm team 4 radar showing the
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area in pink is icing. that's rain falling, creating a layer of ice. that is continuing in montgomery county, washington, frederick, pan animal handle of west virginia. the green is areas above freezing. the rain is stopping additional accumulation of icing. we're at or below freezing in product. arlington, alexandria, fairfax, loudoun county, prince william, areas points and west. here in northwest, we're a little behalf freezing, so it much of the district. so the icing is going to be ending by i think 8:00, 9:00 this morning. a warmer afternoon. the weekend storm coming up. coming up in a few minutes, highs reaching the 40s. this quickly melting mid to late morning and sun back, too. a look at how the roads are handling this and the side streets. danella? >> definitely slick.
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on i-270, earlier, southbound, as you make your way between 10 and clarksburg road, there were two separate accidents. urbana heading toward 121, folks are slow. once they pass clarksburg road, lanes open up. here's a live look at shady grove road in gaithersburg. you see southbound, no major delays. folks are clear as they continue to rockville. northbound toward duke, heading to the 14th street bridge, just a bit sluggish between duke and seminary road. however, southbound nice and clear. >> if are you just waking up, you're in for a chilly start. overnight the region received a coating of ice. melissa mollet has been checking the roads for a few hours and joins us live in frederick, maryland, off rosemont avenue. melissa, what's it like out there? >> reporter: off of rosemont avenue, that's off of 270. we kind of stepped out of the
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car here to see whatheer dealing with. you see the sleet, nasty rain is coming down. my photographer as he's walking closer to rosemont, you see that's a road that's pretty much wet. we've got a lot of slush. a little bit of ice. really pretty much wet in areas like that. if we come back over, we can look at the snow that's accumulated the past couple of storms. and you see we have that nice, icy layer right on top. you see parking lots nasty. if they were treated early yesterday and perhaps that sort of reice will, you see plows coming back every now and then. salt trucks, as well. we've sort of been all over the area. the area here is the worst we've seen so far. we'll keep driving around this morning. checking things out, seeing how the radare. back to you. >> thank you. and this icy blast isn't just hitting us in the mid-atlantic, it is sweeping the nation. >> we've had a couple of warmer
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breaks from the freeze, a lot of places haven't had a chance to dig out before the next wave hit. look at indianapolis here. the storm stranded several hundred dreads of travelers there. new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency, restricting travel on major highways. and as far south as arkansas, dozens of accidents have been attributed to the icy conditions. and then there's new york city. the mayor issued a winter storm warning. new york is being told to use public transportation if they want to get around and to stay off the roads. looking live at reagan national airport, checked nearly 70 flights canceled there and at dulles now. nearly 40 scrapped at bwi marshall. the airport did pretreat the roadways. already more than 2,000 flights canceled nationwide. and that number is expected to rise. keep up with the latest
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conditions any time with our weather app. search nbc washington weather in apple's app store or google play. 6:05. in just about 24 hours, you will be able to see the first competitions of the 2014 olympics kick off here on nbc 4. this morning, athletes are expressing concern about one of the newest events. news4's jim handly joins us live from olympic park this morning. what one of team usa's biggest names has to say about. good morning. >> reporter: good morning it you. good afternoon from our perch high above olympic park. you mentioned sean white. he's the most recognizable name, face, and hair in the olympic games for americans certainly. he had a test run at the controversial course. here's video of the brand new olympic course and event in the mountain cluster. he jammed his left wrist. a norwegian athlete broke his collar bone and had to drop out. some said the course is like
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jumping out of aid build egg. a female -- a building. a female snowboarder suffered a con suggestion. here's -- concussion. here's what sean white had to say. >> any time you step on a course, there's a certain amount of danger. there's a certain element of risk that you're putting yourself in for. i don't know. maybe this course might have more than others. we're trying to figure it out. that's when it's about, getting here and trying to get through the course and be safe and have a great olympics. that's the plan. >> reporter: his injury was minor. back live at olympic park. you know, i mentioned recognizable face. he's probably better known for the red hair of his. you notice the new cut. today he said it makes him faster and sleek now. no longer flies in his face. coming up, the arrival of president putin. he views the olympic kingdom here two days before the caldron lights up. we'll have that story and hear
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from virginia's ashley wagner when we join you next on "news4 today." back to you for now. >> looking forward to it. jim handly live in sochi. thank you. a live look outside. we learned warren county public schools in virginia are closed today. our team of meteorologists watching when this freezing rain will completely move out and how much we're seeing so far. plus, live in leesburg to show you any issues that could slow you down. witnesses say a metro bus hit an ice patch and slid interest a tree. the cleanup after it uprighted the tree. crime has to a burglary we showed you
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yesteromg this weekend.
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>> yeah, indeed. appreciate the picture on twitter and facebook and we'll be sharing those. and we have temperatures critically now in the low 30s and a little bit above freezing here in northwest washington. as chuck said, low 30s. many of the suburbs below freezing. slippery on frerotte steps, sidewalk -- front steps, sidewalk, driveway. many areas wet as the rain continues to fall. overlooking tinley town in northwest, reagan national at 34. i think the icing is going to end by 8:00 this morning, between 8:00 and :rain will be ending. melting going on. chunks of ice will fall out of the treat. you may need a helmet. that's late morning. by noontime for your lunch hour, we'll have the ice falling out of the trees. by mid-afternoon, upper 40s with some sunshine. turning colder thursday and friday. afternoon highs nearlowing down amount of people on the roadway.
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people that are on the roads, they are slow. this is i-95 northbound approaching dale city. seeing delays here. northbound at 234, still seeing a broken down car blocking the rate lane. here's the drive time. 37 miles per hour. from quantico as of now, 36 minutes to reach the capital beltway. to 395 northbound at duke, drive time here, under speed, as well. from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, the drive in total will take 16 minutes. outer loop, montgomery county, aaron, not seeing delays here. this ice, icing up the camera. guys, you've got to watch out this morning. >> thank you. 6:32. melissa mollet has been giving us an up-close look at icy conditions all morning. she joins us live in frederick county, maryland. >> reporter: we're still off rows mont avenue. we came into a neighborhood. see what we saw. the red van to the right with a huge branch. then as we pulled to -- all the
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causing a shortage of salt to treat the roads. some cities are rationing supplies now. high demand for salt is driving up the cost, as well. crews in northern virginia and in maryland told our transportation reporter their snow budgets are maxed out. check out the solution loudoun county crews are using. they call it chem-shield. a mixture vdot is testing this year. it's like a pine tar syrup. and it helps the salt stick to the road for up to a week. this just in to the newsroom -- hardy county schools are closed now. they were on a delay. hardy county schools are closed. we're hearing from people worried about going out this morning. the road conditions, sidewalks, still slippery. >> yeah. it's smart they are closing up. up there they got a quarter to a half inch of ice on untreated surfaces there. it is treacherous. the storm team 4 radar is showing still in lighter now amount. this is the last wave of it coming through. the area in pink is the ice. the area in the green our jim handly is down in the
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coastal cluster at olympic park where he got to spoke it a local medal favorite. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to u. welcome to olympic park. this is our permanent perch here right above where the opening ceremony will happen in just two days from now. you mentioned the most popular sport. big name for america, she has a lot to prove, ashley wagner. she grew up and trained in alexandria, virginia. she hopes to make history here in sochi. fresh off the plane, she went straight to the ice. we caught up with her. she's sounding for confident. she says her first impression of the olympic village "incredible." she has about two weeks until her individual event begins. she says the next two weeks are all about pushing, keeping up with her endurance and staying in shape. her selection has been controversial. she placed fourth in nationals a couple of weeks ago, yet she was selected as one of three. >> i'm a firm believer yt the video shows one of the
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robbers jumping over the counter and grabbing money from the cash register. the two then took off. if you recognize the then, call d.c. police. fun official want members to face tough penalties for drunk driving. one would force them to go to rehab and undergo time for dui. dwyer pled guilty to boating while drunk. he's serving a 60-day jail sentence on the weekends. he already completed a rehab program. . it is 6:55. new this morning, the united nations is blasting the vatican for its policies on child sex abuse. the committee says it allowed priests to rape and will molest thousands of children over the decades. the u.n. is calling on catholic church to open its files on ped sfie files and the people who hid their crimes and severely criticizes the church on its


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